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There is no dearth of news. It’s available 24/7 in the ordinariness of the digital age. Flip through pages in print or browse webpage you’ll find headlines that are cleverly written and passages that are commonplace grabbing attention. This is because we are exceptionally diverse, and anything can be news.

That said, we at Malayalam Vaarthakal wanted to add ‘worthy’ to the perspective deficit news.

Though we have common interest and shared beliefs we also have distinct interests and concerns. Hence, perspective to a story becomes important. So, our broadsheet will have compelling storytelling to give you stories that is newsworthy.

We’ll not mix up platitude and punditry. Preachiness and polemic are not the same us. We understand pomposity and profundity are two different things. We’ll defy such entrapment and add value to each narrative.

We believe a story is only as good as it is told.

Each day, the 14 districts of Kerala have a million stories to be told. We’ll bring them to you without any swirl of inanities and present to you a detailed account of articles ranging from politics, society, trends, art, science, entertainment and anything that deserves wider audience.

Our editorial team along with reporters are committed to putting together stories that are well-written and relevant. Also, care is taken to see the stories are complete and comprehensive with multiple viewpoint.

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